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There is 1 live event with auction planned:
- Thursday evening 26/01/2023
- Location Rijhal De Damburg, Eikenlaan 1, BE-3950 BOCHOLT, Belgium


We offer several possibilities to place your company in the spotlights and/or to receive your guests and clients appropriately at the ESHA live auction events:

!!! If you buy a horse in our auction, we will return the value of the paid VIP entry up to € 100* !!!


Package Silver value 100€ per table/day*

VIP access to a personal table during the auction on one of the chosen days.

A VIP table can accommodate approx 4 to 6 people. 
(the tables are reserved according to the number of places)
During the auction, fingerfood and snacks are offered continuously by our hostesses. 
Drinks and/or publicity are not included.

Package Gold value 250€*

(or 150€ once + 100€ per table/day)

VIP access idem Silver

+ Publicity on the website and/or one page in the auction catalogue.
   - Advertising on the website: logo ca. 200x200px + 1 active link for minimum 6 months
     -> email your logo and website URL to us.
   - One page in the auction catalogue: 
         one advertisement page in the printed and online catalogue,
         full colour, size A5 portrait (216x154mm incl. 3mm cut lines and 3mm overflow margins) 
         -> If delivered no later than 2 days before the catalog print date.

Package Platinum value 350€*

(or 250€ once + 100€ per table/day)

VIP access idem Silver
   + Publicity idem Gold
   + possibility to place a banner/roll up/flyers provided by you
   + advertisement page in the auction catalogue can, according to choise, be on page 3 or one to last page if still available

Package Titanium value 700€*

(or 600€ once + 100€ per table/day)

VIP acces idem Silver
   + Publicity idem Gold
   + possibility to place a sales stand/discuss custom advertising/handing over a sponsorship item to the auction topper
   + advertisement page in the auction catalogue can, according to choise, be on page 2, centerfold or the back cover if still available

*All prices including VAT. Send us your VAT number to receive a business invoice and a message in case of refunds.

Book your table reservation in time through the form or via

During live auctions free access to standing places and afterparty.

VIP tables have to be reserved in advance via the website or email.